365- Distorted

365- Distorted, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I’m interested in your thoughts of my first attempt at tilt-shift processing. I know that the halo is distracting but do you see the effect of tricking the eye into thinking the subject is in miniature form? By blurring the foreground and background it should give that effect. So what do you think? And be honest.

Decided to add a slightly different version (top photo) with less halo.

Evidently wordpress can’t decipher between the 2 links and the enlarges version are both the same. Tried to fix it twice, no luck. Thanks Ron.

Best when viewed larger.


9 Responses to “365- Distorted”

  1. Wow! I like this effect! The sky was a little distracting probably because of the halo, but the minature look is amazing!

  2. It does give the effect of miniatures. I didn’t notice the halos until I read you commentary so maybe it’s not as bad as you think. Wonderful effect!

  3. I love the lighting and the perspective…but to be honest, I don’t get the miniature effect.

  4. Aside from the two photos having a wider point of view in one – which shows the buildings to be slightly smaller because of the different view, and the sky is a tad bit different, I really don’t see a whole lot of difference. It would have helped if you would have indicated which one had the effect you desired. And frankly, I didn’t see what you call a halo. The sky and other colors look more natural in the top photo, yet the trees are blurred. I like the crisp trees.

  5. Although a beautiful image, I don’t see the effect either, just looks like it is shot off in the distance…..I read a little about this too – I wonder if it would work better w/ objects than landscapes??

  6. It looks a bit unreal in a cool way. I like the first photo best, its more concentrated or how to put it…

  7. I don’t know of the effect I like the shot a lot , but for me the thumb nails show different perspectives but the enlarged photos appear to be THE SAME PHOTO TWICE, no difference at all. Guess I am too dumb to see your brilliance, where can I read up on this effect to find out what you are doing please.

  8. Mike – I DO see the halo in the first shot – in fact I noticed it right away. And although I can’t put my finger on why, I Do have the impression I’m looking at distorted image. Before I read your post, I thought it looked a bit as if the picture was on the cover of a board game box, or part of a picture of mini-toy train set or something. I can’t decide if the image looks very slightly cartoonnish (I don’t mean that in a bad way, but as if it were a scenery backdrop or sometime, know what I mean) or like a painting. If that’s the effect you were going for, I’d say you were successful and I find it very interesting.

  9. It does look like an illustration a bit. I think that the fake tilt shift effect works best on shots taken looking down more. You got the blur perfectly. The EV forum has a thread or two and the technique was a creative challenge

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