365- Eight

365- Eight, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

The classic V8, this old Ford looked like it had some power!


12 Responses to “365- Eight”

  1. Clever take on the theme! Great toning and perspective, love these car shots!

  2. Cool!!
    I have ford but it is far from that fancy 😉

  3. This processing is really, really well done! Is it a preset?

    • No preset, I blended 2 photos in elements and decreased contrast in the background to make the car stand out more.. thanks for the compliment.

  4. Thief thief thief, what a hide, pure straight out PLAGIARISM Julie won’t be able to pull a rabbit outta the hat to save you on this one BUCKO. No International Committee to Permit People to Plagiarize Willy Nilly, will allow you to sleep well at night. Even though it is a great shot of the car you drive, enhanced with great processing, you can’t even tell that you haven’t washed it for a while.

    • I give I give I feel like I should lie on the ground and spread em. I’m not sure what I’ve stolen but whatever it is …….I’m sorry!
      Wow, I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight;)

  5. I seem to recall that Ron used 8 cylinders for the Eight theme – perhaps that’s what he’s squawking about, but he may have forgotten about my Delorean that I so kindly loaned you, so you could go back in time to get this shot well before he ever posted his. So it seems he may be the thief as he must have spotted you taking this shot then went and posted his. Oh – and your photo is very powerful – love that close up cropped view.

  6. Sleek and elegant!

  7. Wow- I love this! The composition is lovely and I love this B&W with just the Ford logo in color- wonderful choice.

  8. I think the composition is excellent, but in my opinion it doesn’t need the selective color, and would be a stronger photo in just black and white. I appreciate that I seem to be in the minority here, though. I do love the out of focus people in the background.

  9. that’s beautiful…love the perspective on it!

  10. I love photos of antique cars – and the black-and-white really makes this one a winner! I also like that little blue Ford logo on teh car.

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