365- Award

365- Award, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This is one of the wine tasting rooms at the award winning wine cellar in the Grand Cascades Resort at Crystal Springs.
The 3 exposures in this HDR ranged from 2.5 to 6 seconds and produced such a strong color cast it took many post processing hours to get just right. In the end this was exactly how I remember it.


13 Responses to “365- Award”

  1. Don’t lie, that is your own dining room at home, if it was a wine tasting room, Tammy would be there bending her wrist, with a broom parked in the corner. HDR brings it out a treat, really nice.

  2. You deserve an award for this one – wow, the processing is fantastic!!!

  3. Very rich, sumptuous-looking room. Impressive. I can see how this would have been hard – having to deal with that light at the top and still keep detail in the lower portion of the shot. Nicely done!

  4. definitely worth the time you spent on it…gorgeous!

  5. This is so rich with all the great lighs, color and patterns in it. I’m impressed with the stained glass windows in the other room. Awesome HDR processing.

  6. Very nice work on this- if this is how it looks in person, it must really be an amazing room. It’s gorgeous.

  7. Nice use of HDR – and I can see you’re still trying to entice us out there to all meet in person for a wine tasting!

  8. Looks very ornate and classy. Besides the obvious things, I like the tile floors and what looks like native rock on the walls. But it needs a fireplace to be complete. Do like your processing, light, colors and textures. Good job.

  9. This is really great HDR processing, i.e. the reflection on the ceiling, the stones on the all and detail in the chairs. A great job for which you should feel very proud.

  10. Wow, an amazing image. The room is just overwhelming with so many beautiful textures and details.

  11. I’ll just echo all of the above and wait to find out when we all meet up there.

  12. I am glad to hear it took hours (well, not glad you toiled that long, but I think you know what I mean), I was getting depressed. I see shots like this and think to myself, shoot, where do I start. Then I hear that it took hours and I think, ah, well, maybe I have a chance.

    Great shot! Really, really nice shot!

  13. What an elegant room–looks like a room that might have been on the Tintantic.

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