365- Vacations and Holidays

365- Vacations and Holidays, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Cape May was one of our vacation places this summer and I had the opportunity to stroll the beach one early morning and caught this shot. A beautiful sunrise.


10 Responses to “365- Vacations and Holidays”

  1. Love the contrast of that bright blue boat against that stunning sunrise! WOW, this one is a beauty!

  2. Totally ditto on Tammy’s comments. Love the color contrast and this is just an eye-catcher!

  3. Fantastic composition and stunning colors!

  4. Definitely frame-worthy. One of my fave shots of yours.

  5. There is a lot of emotion in this one for me. Wonderfully captured.

  6. The sunrise is wonderful, but that boat just makes the shot!!!

  7. Beautiful sunrise! I like how you positioned the sun behind the building, and captured the bright blue boat in the foreground.

  8. Gorgeous sunrise – and stunning color treatment of the beach and the boat, too.

  9. Julie McLeod Says:

    Simply gorgeous capture, Mike.

    • boomer3297 Says:

      Thanks for the comments Julie! I thought you were on sabbatical?  I always enjoy your comments(as well as your photos) for they are very informative.  Mike

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