365- Lines

365- Monotone, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

I’ve seen this tree many times and always wanted to take a few shots of it. In this particular shot I love how the horizontal lines play off of the vertical line of the trunk and the curved lines of the branches.
I’m not sure of the contrast though, so I’m looking for your thoughts…..


6 Responses to “365- Lines”

  1. I would like to see the colour shot (Too) as I am sure that would have enhanced contrast, rather that portraying a fine ink drawing.

  2. Nice contrast in terms of lines and textures.

  3. Nice contrast, but I’m w/ Ron on this one, would love to see it in color!

  4. Honestly my first thought when I saw it was “Oohh- creepy!” It’s a gorgeous photo, and the strong contrast is very captivating. But I definitely get an eerie feeling from it.

  5. needlepointernc Says:

    I like the B&W best. You could bring out the top of the tree more maybe. Make the tree a little darker.

  6. I like the b/w, I’d like to see this tree after the leaves fall.

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