365- Numbers

365- Numbers, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

At the Korean War Memorial in Atlantic City, the honored Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines from New Jersey, killed in action or missing in action, are listed on a black granite wall, under an eternal flame. To date, 890 names have been engraved.
This sculpture really sparked emotion from most people visiting the memorial.


4 Responses to “365- Numbers”

  1. That sculpture is really expressive with the hand full of dog tags. Nice shot. The steely gray color really heightens the emotion.

  2. Great photo of a worthy Memorial. Our Army recently tried to kick out the wife of a soldier just killed in Overseas service from her “Army Home” they should have known better, Not Real Fussed on Green at the moment, supposed to be a family. Sorry personal gripe!

  3. Very powerful! This image is outstanding as it evokes all kinds of emotions!

  4. I love the angle you shot this at – it really has a powerful impact.

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