365- Autumn

365- Autumn, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

Well what can I say about this shot…… I have to thank the wonderful people at the Howell Arboretum for allowing me to take this shot, I haven’t formally met them yet but as I was getting ready to pull up to this scene, the owners thought that I had broken down. When they saw my equipment they said it was fine to photograph and even allowed me to go on their property, mind you they have no idea who I am. I told them that I would never ask to do that and complimented them on their display. Super nice people!!!!
This is a 5 shot HDR with some Topaz Adjust to bring out some details.
Do you like? Give me your thoughts.
Oh, and definitely view large.


10 Responses to “365- Autumn”

  1. tmcchesney Says:

    One of my favorites to date – the lighting is perfect and love all those details. Never thought about doing a 5 exposure HDR, now you have me thinking….

  2. VERY nice! The level of detail in even the smallest pumpkin is fabulous.

  3. A gorgeous display!

  4. Wow! Their display is stunning and your treatment absolutely does it justice! Great job, Mike!

  5. This looks like something out of a fairy tale. I love all the little sparkling lighs and the rich colors in the pumpkins. Your HRDs are superb as always.

  6. It does look like a story book farm, fabulous detail and color with a fine hand with the processing.

  7. I’m generally not a fan of most HDR shots- they look too artificial IMO, however, this is beautiful- very well done. I imagine this photo looks just as it did in person. A very fanciful scene too!

  8. And a super great shot – hopefully you got an email address so they can see the fruits of your (and their) labor!

  9. I’ve yet to really delve into the HDR world – let alone a 5-shot version, but the results are super.

  10. needlepointernc Says:

    I like the shot except for seeing the spotlight. Did you take eny other angles?

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