365- No Exit

365- No Exit, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

….or entrance for that matter. This is also from Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook. Looks like part of a prison or something, maybe I’ll visit when they have guided tours (instead of the wee hours of the morning) and ask a few questions.
I’m not sure of the mood of this version, any ideas on how to process to accentuate the mood?


5 Responses to “365- No Exit”

  1. The gate was likely just to keep the soldiers out until the chow line was open, would need to be strong for that. You could place a few mournful looking ghosts behind the bars to brighten the place up a bit if you like!

  2. I thought the exposure was great – keeping the detail in that shadowed gate while not blowing out the wall. Fine job.

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog! Congrats on getting to the end of December and still posting!!

  3. Tough exposure, but you pulled it off. There’s a sense of mystery here–what’s gone on behind that gate?

  4. The great exposure of both the sun and shade is mysterious as Bobbie said. you could go dark or light convincingly.

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