365- Obsession

365- Obsession, originally uploaded by boomer3297.

This post is a request from someone, other than myself, who has an OBSESSION with HDR. You’ll have to look at the previous post to figure out who it is. Or maybe you already know:)
Oh btw Ron, HDR can be done in B+W as well.


4 Responses to “365- Obsession”

  1. Tammy McChesney Says:

    I have to say, I like the HDR color version better, so many different contrasts going on!

  2. I know that you have turned, so maybe it is an age thing, but I thank you muchly for your compliance with my wishes, I think I can understand others liking B&W but the colour gives so much more. Not just me either, as the entire theatre of war during WWII was photographed and filmed primarily in colour, with the exception of those brave photographers who processed their own shots prior to sending them in. That was on both sides not just the allies.

  3. I love both versions and I’m intrigued by the B&W version. You and I seem to share two obsessions – HDR and old, abandoned buildings and signage.
    How did you do the B&W HDR? Mike, thanks for all the great reviews and support you’ve given me in 2009. Hope to see you in the 2010 challenge.

    • boomer3297 Says:

      After processing in photomatix, I brought it back into lightroom and converted to greyscale. and after further review I may have to agree with Tammy I might like the color version better.

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