About Me

I’m married with 2 beautiful girls and live in central New Jersey.  I discovered photography approximately 2 years ago and have immersed myself in it ever since. My skills are developing slowly as there is so much to learn. My hope is that when this challenge is complete my skills will have improved and others have found some enjoyment looking at my photos.

I can also be found:

Playing golf and coaching my daughters in basketball and softball.


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Mike

    I have been using Photomatix. I seldom use my histogram with the execution of when I am going to do HDR. If the dynamic range is greater that the histogram I do bracket. If the dynamic range is with in the histogram I simple use RAW and one shot. I wish I could tell you what settings I am using but fair to say they are different for each image. For colour I am very conservative in my approach for B&W I really let my freak flag fly.

  2. Hi,

    the old mill is topaz

  3. I’m even newer at this and I don’t know if I’ll ever learn everything I need to! As I look at other photographer’s blogs I learn and grow in this craft in spite of myself! I sure like the photos and writings of your blog. My own seems to be similiar but the photos aren’t as good (YET!) and I use the English language to a more abundant level (understatement, here). I like the recognition in everyday events and scenes that we might have missed if not for photography that the photos on your blog express. You have a good following. My own is pretty meager, although I’ve only been into this since last December. Still…..any tips on how to attract more viewers?

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