365- Musical Instrument


The St. Patrick’s Day parade in Belmar is an event that brings people from all parts of New Jersey. There are numerous pipe and drum corps marching in this parade and each one sounds as good as the next.

I’ve become fond of the sound of bag pipes when accompanied with drums. Everybody marching must have been freezing as the temp. was 34 with a 15 mph wind. Although I’m sure a few pints may have been consumed before marching to help the procession.

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7 Responses to “365- Musical Instrument”

  1. I know you posted that shot because this is MARCH, or as my Sergeant Major used to say “By the left Quick Waltz” Like the band shot.

  2. hmmm I thought they cancelled the parade today …I love the bagpipes great shot

  3. tmcchesney Says:

    What a cool shot – did you use topaz adjust on this? Love the texture you picked up!

  4. I love bagpipe music! They played them at my grandson’s graduation from the police academy. I even bought some DVDs of their music. It is powerful….

  5. What a cruddy day for a parade! But, it gave you a great shot….

  6. jerseybirder Says:

    ahhh…the Belmar St Patty’s day parade. Alas, I couldn’t make it this year but what wonderful memories! Thanks Mike!

  7. Another great parade shot. Your processing gives it a timeless quality, that could be the parade from years ago…

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